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Play a DVD through your Mac's optical drive

Krypton sucks". The success or lack thereof of this approach depends on the manufacturer of the drive.

This meant that at worst you 'only' needed to figure out how to replace the firmware that shipped with the drive in order to have a fully region-free drive. Another option that worked on many drives turned out to be just mounting the disk but not treating it as a video or reading it with Apple's approved player viz.

However, a few years back Apple switched many of the portables to Matshita, which appears to have something buried very deep in the drive that 'remembers' which zone it's working in. So a video from another region won't even mount for reading until you've used up one of your five free switches. To my knowledge no one has figured out how to replace the Matshita firmware and, even if they had, there'd still be some kind of problem playing discs from other regions because of what is apparently some separate region register.

If you're a conspiracy buff you'd attribute Apple's use of these crappy, but MPAA-friendly drives to the tie up with a friendly mouse. So I installed VLC and made it the default. But it wouldn't play that disc. I tried a different region 2 disc in VLC and it worked fine. I have played several "foreign" dvds since then with no problem. But no amount of VLC can get the original disc to play -- Apple's player had blacklisted it or something, Finder wouldn't even read the files. Why does Apple have to be so tight with Hollywood?!?

I wrote this AppleScript which does not need to count the disk list.

How to Rip An Old & Region Locked DVD Plus Solve DVD Playback issues

I had the same issues, and worked it out a slightly different way; tell application "VLC" activate end tell tell application "System Events" key down command keystroke "d" key up command delay 3 keystroke return tell application "VLC" play fullscreen end tell end tell My G4 is a little slow sometimes, others might not need the 'delay 3'. Sorry I don't get it In the first case, could the external player be region-free or should it always be flashed? For info I am using mac os x Many thanks for your clarification, Yann. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. Here's one way to make your Mac play most any DVD, regardless of its assigned region coding : Get an external DVD drive -- the internal drive does not seem to allow region-free viewing!

Install VLC media player. Change the system's auto-run options. That's it. To use, just insert a video DVD in the external drive, grab your Apple Remote, sit back, and enjoy your region-free movie. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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  • How to Make Multi Region DVD Playback on Mac OS X?.

This site is not responsible for what they say. I think there are some bad assumptions here. Thanks for pointing that out.. Not true! Authored by: Dirk!

How to Make Multi Region DVD Playback on Mac OS X?

Krypton sucks" [ Reply to This ]. Flash the drive using DVRFlash , following the instructions given make a backup!

A nice solution! Please purchase Mac Standard version. Macgo Blu-ray Media Player.

How to Play Different Region DVDs on Mac OS X (macOS Sierra)

Macgo iPhone Tools for Mac for Win. Free Mac Media Player. Tutorial Contact Us Download for Mac. Preparations you need to do: Mac OS X If you choose "Set Drive Region", you will enter into the region resetting dialogue immediately. Here you should notice that there are only five time for region resetting.

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If you choose "Continue", the software will help you to read the DVD. It will make or break, which depends on different DVDs. NOTE If the playback is unsuccessful, here are some tips for you. Email us to support macblurayplayer.