Garmin etrex legend cx software mac

My basic experience has been that the program will do one transfer just fine, whether it be routes, tracks, waypoints The best way I've found to work around this is to have everything you need transferred saved first.

How to load a GPX file onto a handheld Garmin eTrex (older) or GPSmap 60CX GPS unit

Transfer one thing this can be a file with multiple waypoints then restart the program and power cycle the GPSr before doing another transfer. I know, you shouldn't have to do it, but it takes care of freezes. I don't know why the program does this. I keep hoping it will be addressed in an update, but so far not. Other than this annoyance, I think it's a great program. As a Mac user, I have to acknowledge that I really can't blame them. It's a lot of time and money to develop for such a small percentage, particularly now that Intel Mac users can boot into Windows.

Garmin has just released v2.


It now allows desktop mounting of the microSD card on Finder desktop. It doesn't exactly help the OP, but it's another step closer to full Mac compatibility. I'd say hang in there and wait for full compatibility later in the year. I am sure 3rd party developers will also improve compatibility of their creations.

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Just a tad slow with USB 1. Even with the included driver, Belkin doesn't support Mac OS later than version 9. Even if your Mac boots the program with Classic, it won't see it if you're using OSX doesn't like the shell. Now I just need to look for an adapter with a driver that will run on OSX. Any suggestions? The only caveat is that you can't plug it in to a USB 2. You'll need to either plug it directly in to the Mac usb2.

Other than that it has worked fine for me. I would like to use it with Google Earth and really dig the features of the unit.

GPS for the Mac

Thanks again Robert! I ended up going with the eTrex Vista Cx as I wanted the altitude to be sure! First stop will be to bring it to work and run the update stuff off the Garmin website on my PC. My first GPS! I have an Intel based iMac and Parallels and so I am keeping my fingers crossed where usb support for Webupdater is concerned because I certainly want to update the firmware if it needs it. I have been eyeing this thread:. Well, I was able to do everything using Parallels except for the Webupdater as it fails on verification.

I will just have to wait for the Mac version fingers crossed. That's lame. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. GPS Search In. All Activity Home Geocaching and Recommended Posts. Posted June 2, Julie http: Share this post Link to post. Posted June 3, Posted June 4, If anyone has found a way, please post! Posted June 5, I have a 60csx which I got two weeks ago so I really a newbee. Posted June 6, Posted June 7, I think you should give it a try, there are several devices on the compatibility page. GPS makers just don't like us Mac users yet! Posted June 7, edited. Just got a reply from Garmin tech support, just FYI: Will the new City Navigator V8 be Macintosh compatible?

Do you have any timetables on the release of other Mac compatible programs such as the POI Loader and Firmware updates? To follow up with you're inquiry, as of right now we are not supporting Mactintosch. I believe this will be a change to our USB drivers, I can not comment on what will be done with the software. You will not be expected to pay for any accessories you may need for this compatiablity. The City Navigator initially will not be Mac compatibile, only until they release what needs to be done to make it compatible with the Mac platform.

Posted June 8, edited. Many GPS units can find routes from one place to another. Give them two addresses, and they can plan a route for you and provide real-time driving instructions. Unfortunately, because of the limited interfaces of most GPS units, entering addresses and locations can be a real pain. All GPS units come with a smattering of map data—major highways and roads, mostly—and your GPS can show your current position on these maps in real time.

However, secondary roads and small streets may not be included. For this type of detail, you need to invest in additional maps, which you then download to the GPS unit.

Garmin eTrex Legend Cx FAQ: Firmware

Unfortunately, neither Garmin nor Magellan currently makes Mac clients for transferring maps. Garmin claims that it will have a client out by the end of the year. First Look: Up close with the iPhone. GPS use not that high, survey shows. Mac Pro in , iPhone news and rumors, Swift Playgrounds: Macworld Podcast Finding the hardware GPS receivers calculate exact locations by interpreting signals sent by a collection of satellites.

Adding maps All GPS units come with a smattering of map data—major highways and roads, mostly—and your GPS can show your current position on these maps in real time. MapSource in Parallels: