Windows 2008 nlb cluster mac address

Because the Switch cannot learn this NLB Multicast MAC directly, it will drop the packets or flood all ports in the same way as Unicast , and the clients will have issues to reach the NLB nodes, as well you will experience Convergence issues.

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All of these are symptoms of packet drops due to the lack of network compliance for NLB Multicast. To avoid this, Microsoft has a mandatory requirement yes, I used the mandatory word to have this mode in place.

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The following notes explain clearly what you need to do to get this properly configured based on your network infrastructure vendor. For further information contact Cisco mentioning this bug.

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  8. If you find out that your vendor is not listed here please let us know by a comment so we can try to add it. We are not going to take much care about different models, since usually same vendor share same logic for configuration, but we want you to have at least an idea of how it should look like. If you need assistance for any specific model, please contact your manufacturer. In case you have any doubts on the content of the above-mentioned notes please contact the respective manufacturer for support or assistance.

    Finally, to cover the Virtualization part, you may be wondering how would you configure the static MAC Address table for a Virtual Machine. Well, we need to understand first how the Virtual Infrastructure is composed. Usually, in enterprises, you have a cluster of a bunch of servers acting as hypervisors Hyper-V, VMWare, etc.

    Windows Server 2008 R2 Network Load Balancing Web Servers

    Here comes another complain from the Networking team. This way you can do Live Migration or vMotion in case of VMWare without worrying to which host the virtual machine will get into.

    In Server 2008 R2: NLB Questions

    Finally, we have the last mode for NLB: This mode is completely dependent on your network infrastructure, since you need to have IGMP capable switches to get it to work. In our example of the screenshot, for the IP Yes, because your switch should be capable of snoop the traffic to find the ports which are sending the IGMP traffic to auto configure their MAC Address table accurately and send the traffic to the corresponding ports.

    Some of the notes listed above in the Multicast section have the correct configuration parameters for their devices, but in case you need confirmation your equipment is capable of this mode, please contact your Hardware vendor for confirmation. So far, we have reached the end of the blog today, so I hope you enjoyed the explanation and, of course, hope this helps you get your NLB back on track! We'll miss you in the team Daniel!!

    Network Load Balancing and MAC Addresses

    You must be logged in to post a comment. Unicast Unicast is the easier way to configure the NLB. Multicast This mode is my preferred one. As summary: Unicast mode is the easiest way to configure NLB in simple environments. The bandwidth is efficiently used and you have a low risk of performance issues as collateral damage for other systems. As a counterpart, needs a lot more of network equipment knowledge and involvement, but good things are not usually free, right?

    How to properly configure NLB cluster in Windows

    Multicast with IGMP is a good choice also if you have capable networking equipment. It has the benefits of the Multicast with the improvement of the auto configuration of the switches if they are IGMP Snooping enabled. The disadvantage part is, again, a potential limitation on the network equipment. See you next entry! Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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    7. January 6, at 3: Log in to Reply. Dante Stancato says: OK, I already knew all of this.

      It is the following that was new to me. It is the second set of numbers, bf, that is interesting to me.

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      For example, if the NLB cluster node were configured with the number three as its priority unique number, then it would identify itself to the switch as being MAC address c0-ab. So, to summarize, each client connecting to the NLB cluster will use the bf MAC address as the destination which causes the switches to flood all ports with the traffic. Of course, all of this leads us to the question about switch flooding and how to limit it. Your email address will not be published. Post navigation Previous Post: Next Post: