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La app cuenta con un total de tres temas, donde el color rojo anaranjado es el conductor. Sin embargo podemos modificar el tema para que el color predominante sea el blanco, un gris oscuro o un negro puro. Por otra parte, me ha gustado especialmente el funcionamiento de los gestos de arrastrar y solta r. Casi total porque Soor efectivamente tiene algunas limitaciones a tener en cuenta.

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En Applesfera. Modo oscuro, modo negro y modo claro en Soor. Compartir Facebook Twitter E-mail.

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Comentarios cerrados. All you need to do is Drag and Drop the folders or disks into the app and click the Scan button.

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NOTE: If you have any comments, general or technical issues, contact us directly at support nektony. DFF has been wonderful in helping me to remove duplicate files after migrating three portable hard drives onto one large disk.

  1. Pasar de Android a iOS (y viceversa) es aún una pesadilla: cómo hacerlo paso a paso.
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  4. It saved me GB of file space out of the original 1. I removed thousands of duplicates within less than a day after years of copying files from one drive to another to create redundant copies. The duplicate folders and similar folders features are well worth the upgrade to remove multiple copies of directories at once, instead of removing each file seperately.

    This saved me a great deal of time as I had multiple copies of photo directories. The interface is fast and elegant. DFF took about an hour or two to analyze hundreds of thousands of files 1. It neatly organized them so one could remove duplicate folders, remove duplicate files in similar folders, and leave the unique files behind. The application also safeguards you from removing all copies of a single file or directory by forcing you to enable that function and warns you politely before marking all copies for removal, if you chose to do so manually.

    Thank you for this wonderful application! Thank you for such detailed review! Since you have PRO we recommend to use "Select Duplicates in Folder" feature to select duplicates in bulk when you need to find duplicates in several folders or disks. The feature allows you to specify the folder to remove duplicates and another one to keep original files.


    Bottom line - use this app. It is great.

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    Once you use it, you may find something you wish it could do to make your elimination of duplicates easier. So, I think there could be an easier way to do some tasks if I could sort the duplicates by file. For example, I compared my download file which really bloated on me to my Google Drive. The results showd me all the individual file and folder duplicates within the Google Drive itself, within the download folder and betweeen GD and Downloads. But, what I really want is to see what duplicates are just in the download folder that I have already saved to various files.

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    Then, I can eliminate those download files and folders, allowing me to then properly save or delete the balance of downloads. We receive so many attachments or web content that goes to downloads.

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    Plus, when using google docs, office online and other shared online toos, we have to upload, download files that often travel through Downloads folder. Maybe I am missing some buried feature here - but it seemed to me that sorting the duplicates by folder might get me what I want - a global list of duplicates in the Download folder compared to the global list of drives and folders I want to compare them to.

    I dropped a Raid array on it with about 1.