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If you are looking for just one game, we recommend Hearthstone. It is an online game where you collect cards.

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That might sounds boring, but it's got around 40 million players who think otherwise. It's easy to pick up and has an amazing community of players. There are in-app purchases, but you can get by just playing the free game. Download Hearthstone here. It will open. There are also downloadable extensions that add features to Writer.

You can download Libre Office Writer here. Lightworks is billed as "the professional video editor for everyone" and it is available as a free download for Mac. The free version offers a seven-day renewable licence that you can activate immediately once you have registered and installed the software; you just need to sign in and you can start editing.

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The licence supports importing of a full range of video, audio and still image formats. Lightworks Free offers some powerful editing features generally only seen on expensive, professional editing systems; including realtime effects, titles and even multi-camera editing.

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The free version can import and work with high resolution footage up to 5K , but one of its limitations is that you will only be able to export up to p HD, with optional upload to YouTube. You can get Lightwords Free here. Read about the best video editing apps for Mac here: Best video editing software for Mac.


If you like to listen to radio stations try out the myTuner Radio app. Save your favourite stations - from anywhere in the world. You can also listen to your favourite podcasts.

You can also see the latest chart information and listen to previews of the tracks. You can turn the intensity of effects up or down and save your result. Photo Effects is available from the Mac App Store here. And cut down doesn't mean lightweight. Importantly, it's not a demo version and doesn't time out. Nor does it nag you to upgrade or limit the number of songs you can create.

There's a 1. You can record and mix unlimited tracks and easily pull in backing tracks, virtual effects and plug-ins from the Studio One browser. Among the best features in the DAW are real-time stretching, re-sampling and normalisation; comping single and multiple tracks; and multi-track transform.

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Studio One Prime has more of a learning curve than GarageBand, but it's much easier to get to grips with than a professional-class DAW and is ideal for anyone who's grown out of Apple's app. The benefit of the Mac app is that you can set it to Auto Shazam so that it can be always listening out for music, that way when it hears a tune it will identify it for you, and you can always browse through the tracks it identified later on.

Of course, with Apple having bought Shazam it may well be the case that this functionality gets built into the Mac in the future. If you are feeling artistic Autodesk's SketchBook is a great sketching app. You can also drag in images you want to notate, and, most useful for us, adjust the size of and also save in various file formats.

You can also use it to create animations. We cover the best pro photo editors here. We live in a world of confusing media file formats and iPads, iPhones and even QuickTime Player demand MP4 video and MP3 audio when it comes to content you download manually. Samsung phones and tablets, and games consoles. Download: Smart Converter.

Read next: How to play any video file or codex on a Mac. We use Slack at work so the Mac app is an essential. Download Slack, sign into your workspace using your workspaces Slack URL and your email and password and you are good to go. Sure, Macs don't have a big problem with viruses, but it's not going to make you popular if you forward one to a PC wielding friend, so here's our recommendation of a free anti-virus app for Mac. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac costs you nothing but detects It does have a minor impact on performance, however.

Sophos Anti-Virus also requires of you only that you cough up some personal details. You can download Sophos Anti-virus here.

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Read about more Mac antivirus apps here: Best Mac antivirus software. This open source email client from Mozilla allows you to bolt on add-ons, potentially infinitely expanding its functionality depending on what you require. It also offers a number of helpful features by default and built in instant messaging, offering support from multiple networks including Facebook, IRC, Twitter and more. Download Thunderbird here. We have a round up of Mac email clients here: Best Mac email apps.

If you are looking for a way to access web content that's locked to certain countries say iPlayer when you are holidaying in the USA a VPN is the tool for you. The Total Premium Plan lets you access more than 30 locations with completely unrestricted browsing. Download Total VPN here.

Need to write or edit code or script? Then you'll know word-processing tools like Word and no-frills text apps like iAWriter aren't up to the job. Text Wrangler is the free, cut-down version of BB Edit and offers many of its best features. Need to edit a CSS file on your website? There are one or two tools missing; you can't read and write files to and from Zip archives, for example, but Text Wrangler is a hugely capable, and free, text editor. Download: Text Wrangler. It supports lots of audio formats that neither QuickTime more iTunes will play, too. The key to VLC are the decoding and encoding libraries, which provide support for a huge number of video audio formats across different platforms, including OS X and iOS.

The iOS version, which is also free, allows you to play video and files in many different formats not supported natively by iOS. It can sync with cloud storage like Dropbox, or stream from a NAS box or remote server. The OS X app itself allows you to create playlists of videos and save them.

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And there are multiple controls for fine-tuning video playback, including: brightness; contrast; gamma; and saturation. You can even crop videos, add text to them, or zoom into a specific part of the screen. We've already mentioned MPlayerX, which is very good. And Switch, which has several features aimed at professional users, is also strong.

But VLC's versatility and its support for a huge range of formats is hard to beat.

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Download: VLC. Wondering where to go on holiday to escape the cold weather? This handy map will show you the temperature at various Netatmo weather stations around the world. Alternatively zoom in to see what the weather is like where you are now. It's available from the Mac App Store here. Once you have downloaded it, you need to open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Useful for seeing if the kids really have shut down their computers at bedtime, or to see if strangers have hacked your WiFi password, this is essentially a network scanning app.

However, it's much easier to use than most and you can mark entries it discovers as Known or Unknown, as well as give them names. It shows via a Dock badge how many devices it's found, so you can leave it running to keep an eye on things. Set the scanning interval in the app's Preferences dialog.