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We have no easter eggs for SSX Tricky yet. We have no glitches for SSX Tricky yet. Created by: codeman1. Read the full guide Created by: gamecube goat. Created by: gondee. Created by: Wolf Feather. Created by: Jay Higa.

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Since , CheatCodes. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. SSX Tricky. Check Xbox cheats for this game Check GameCube cheats for this game.

Win eight gold medals in world circuit mode to unlock Luther. Win seven gold medals in world circuit mode to unlock Seeiah. Win six gold medals in world circuit mode to unlock Psymon.

Full text of "XBOX Manual: Ssx Tricky"

Win five gold medals in world circuit mode to unlock Marisol. Win four gold medals in world circuit mode to unlock Kaori. Win three gold medals in world circuit mode to unlock JP. Win two gold medals in world circuit mode to unlock Zoe. Win a gold medal in world circuit mode to unlock Brodi.

Win a medal on all Race courses to unlock the Untracked course.

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  • Mac's/Marty's Trick Book (SSX Tricky, PS2).

Win a medal on all Showoff courses to unlock the Pipedream course. Easter eggs. Full Strategy Guide. Expert Advice FAQ. The Non-Snoboarders' Guide. Uber Trick Guide. Submit a cheat for SSX Tricky. Most Popular Guides on CheatCodes. When this is done, hold the boost button and balance the rail. The rail leads to a tight half-pipe. After the grind, hold boost and Jump. You don't half to let go of A, it doesn't matter. Do as many tricks as you can!!! In mercury city meltdown there are two pipes that if you take you will almost always win a race. The first pipe has two ways to get to it. You can go through some red glass which is hard to find or when you come to the small bridge in the woods go left into the trees rite before the bridge.

You should fall off a small cliff onto a frozen river. Take that river and you will find the pipe. Be careful in it, there are propels in it.

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The second pipe is a short way from the first. At the first jump after you come out of the other pipe go behind the glass ramp and slowly behind the smaller ramp. Now tern around and go into the back of the second ramp.

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But at the end of this pipe there are two trains that run in front of you. If you make it out you should come out seconds away from the finish line.

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Choose the course geribaldi and showoff then get ultimate tricky when you get to the last jump go toward the very end on the left side and hold b and a let go when you get to the end. The part where there are three jumps almost all put together, ride on them. Now any character you pick will turn into Mix Master on the course. Now pick Elise to see the board.

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At the title screen, hold L1 and R1 and press X,triangle, right, circle, square, down, triangle, square, left, circle, X, up. You should hear a sound if you did it right. Now pick Kaori to see the board.

All the boarders will have full stat points. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Xbox Submitted by cram Get On Tower.