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Jun 27, Feb 2, Messages: Agree x 1 Interesting x 1 List. I use Fidelia https: Jun 21, Messages: Honestly, I've been searching for a great music player for 2 years now, tried maybe 20 different ones, but still haven't found a really good and quick one. The high-end players are great for organizing and managing samples, but usually either too slow or too clunky for fast file preview. Either they don't support some important formats, or cannot open a list of files, or they're too slow to quickly skip through a list of files, etc.

However, I do have two halfway usable recommendations: It loads most formats, and you have a great audio editor as a bonus. Windows users are really much better off, many free players are better than most payware from the Mac App Store. I have both platforms, but for music I like to stay on Mac mostly. Agree x 1 List.

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Sep 22, Messages: Interested in this as well.. I still use itunes but i feel that the sound is different from what i heard in yhe daw.. So probably not the most transparent.. Thing is, once you have a good tagged iTunes library which I have , nothing matters anymore.

With smart playlists and rating system it's simply unbeatable in terms of quickly playing what you want. Apr 21, Messages: I use VOX because I didn't find a better one so far.

4 Tools to Play FLAC in iTunes and on iOS

But it was hard to say goodbye to my friend Winamp 2. So for now, VOX it is. D-Music , Jun 26, D-Music - VOX is buggy for me sometimes for ex. Nov 23, Messages: The bottom of the rabbit hole, next to Alice's. It recognizes almost any audio format on the planet except. Maybe by now someone has found a way to add it to its list of codecs.

High Sierra can play flac natively, at least, in my MBP. Works a treat. I use Tag Editor Free to clean up metadata prior to import. Just another way apple got you by the, you know what. DAC is built right into your macs. You can play HD music on most macs.

How to convert and play FLAC music files on your iPhone or iPad

You go to Applications…enter utilities…and open Audio Midi Setup. Send it to the amp using either USB or the 3. Seriously, stick to the topic. Quick Look?

7 Best Music Players for Mac You Should Try

Seriously can you do a playlist with quick look. You can play HD music on a mac. You do not require external units to play HD music in macs. I have tried most of the sep FLAC players out there but a lot of important functionality is lost being outside of iTunes so my current method is to convert using MAX free from http: Then just drag into iTunes as normal.

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Now all your HD music is in one library. Audiophile player Amarra 4: Freeware players: Audirvana and Swinsian are the better choices.

I use Audirvana for classics and Swinsian for pops and rocks. Just want to mention my favorite CD ripper and audio file converter: It started as a Windows app, then the author rewrote it for Mac OS.

Discover the best music player for Mac

Has a number of excellent features, not the least of which is its ability to do a CRC check on a rip to ascertain accuracy. I have been using FLAC files in my macs since You likewise can play HD music on a mac. Is there a flac-player on iOs that has a decent way to handle playlists? These apps may allow you to create a new playlist — the focus here is to be able to import a predefined playlist into an iOs phone.

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