Openni sensor kinect drivers mac

Testing OpenNI on Mac OS X (using a Kinect device)

I only tried connecting it directly to my computer. The USB cable is the standard xbox kinect usb with power supply. Same problem by me, could you fix it? In conclusion try this: Install OpenNI 1.


George Profenza George Profenza Thanks, for the comment. But it didn't work. I uninstalled the libraries from homebrew and installed the ones mentioned in your post. The kinect still crashes after about 20 seconds. Can it be that my kinect has a broken cable? It still does something for the first 20 secs though. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.

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Here's how:. The folder SimpleOpenNI also contains several examples that show how to use kinect , of course all written in Processing. Open the example file User3d.

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If we run the code nb: you must stand at least 1. You can see a sort of skeleton that follows the movements of my body:. The User3d. You have to make some changes to the source code before try other sample files. You should know that Processing 2. If you try , for example , to execute the file Hands3d. To solve this problem we have to import for the object Iterator.

I imported the libraries java. File I need it also for other sample files and java. I show you a picture of the two lines that I put into the source code :.

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If you will receive other exceptions then you need to check on the Internet or in the official documentation of Java which library you have to import. Another example that I tried and I want recommend to you is the Slider2d. It allows you to play with some squares on the screen using your hands. Below my test :. I recommend you to try all files. Sometimes it happens that processing returns an error regarding kinect disconnection. In that case you have to disconnect and reconnect the device. As already mentioned the source code is well commented. This will allow you to edit the code according to your needs , y ou will learn to create new programs.

That's all.

FYI: OpenNI 2 is available, uses MS Kinect SDK (drivers) when using Kinect sensor

You can download free pre-made. For some of these ready-made human motion captures, should you require assistance in converting between the different file extensions e. Simply: Download the iPiMocap 30 day trial version.

After the end of 30 days trial period, iPi Mocap Studio Trial Version will continue functioning but animation export will be disabled. Follow the installation guide. Read the user guide. PowerPoint Control. Check out the video below to see Kinect PowerPoint Control in action:. Choose Method 1 as it is easier and quicker.

Download the compiled version of Kinect PowerPoint Controller from here. Open a PowerPoint presenation. Go to Slideshow view. Click the Debug Menu and press Build. Navigate to KinectPowerPointControl. Kinect Math. Kinect Math is a program designed to get students out of their chairs and enable students to physically interact with mathematics during lessons, providing a more interactive way for teachers to teach abstract mathematical concepts to their students and also gives the students an easier way to visualize the mathematical concepts by using a real time display.

Watch the video below to see Kinect Math in action:. Download Kinect Math from here. Kinect Paint. Kinect Paint is a simple body tracking program that lets your hands become the paint brush. Watch the video below to see Kinect Paint in action:. Run the Kinect Paint installation. Kinect Mouse Control. As demonstrated in the image on the right, hand movements are mapped to the X and Y positions of a mouse to move the cursor left- or right-handed modes can be selected and mouse clicks can be made by raising the other hand "True" will be presented on the screen.

Control:mapper allows users to assign speech and full body skeletal movements to control a mouse cursor and keyboard keys. It can be used for virtually anything and is brilliant in replacing gaming controllers. Watch the video below to see Control:mapper in action: Mouse Mode:. Download control:mapper from here.

Run the control:mapper installation file. Open control:mapper. Enter your email address and license key. Watch the conrol:mapper video tutorials here.

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Zigfu Games. Zigfu is a way to make and play Kinect apps for PC and Mac. Simply follow these instructions:.