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Mac OS X and Droid devices don't work with one another by default. They use different languages.

Transfer apps easily by connecting Samsung devices to Mac

Check with Samsung to see if they have a program, and if not, you may want to try finding a third party program. That is not true. I have connected my HTC android phone to my Mac many time and never had a problem reading from or writing to the micro SD card installed in it.

To the OP. Make sure the Mac is set to show external drives in a finder window and on the desktop. You do that in the Finmder preferences, General tab and Sidebar tab. May 1, AM. I've talked to Samsung support about it, they will eventually admit it if pressed. Android File Transfer does not work for me. I've tried installing it several times, and it never finds the S5. I find this really frustrating. Other Droid phones I've used mounted the drives as you would expect.

Very unfortunate. May 27, AM. I'm not sure where some people are getting their info from, but Samsung does, in fact, have a Mac-native version of Kies 3 which is required for the S5 available. It is listed under the Windows versions and some graphics. This is what I use on my iMac to transfer files between it and my S5.

Connecting Samsung Note 8 To Kies (Solved)

Jun 23, PM. Jul 8, PM in response to brobbins In response to brobbins. Now launch Kies. Once your phone is detected, click to select your phone in the nav bar on the left. If you click the little file folder icon as illustrated above, a new dialog box opens up. Jul 8, PM.

It showed up for like 3 minutes and then drops off altogether. Took one members advice and made a playlist for the "S5" and sat here reading this thread trying to figure it all out.

Télécharger Samsung Smart Switch (gratuit)

Then while messing around with device I just turned on Bluetooth and BAM it synced up and started transferring the playlist to the device -however it never gave me the option to select the SD card at all. Therefore, I just transferred songs to the device itself but even 16 GB has a lot of room for all of them!

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Of course it took awhile but I actually got them all moved over and they play no problem on phone and also thru my truck which has BT too. Just wanted to let you all know that when the USB issues come up you do in fact have the BT option to fall back on to transfer anything to the S5 off any Mac. Thank goodness for Bluetooth my fellow Mac users! On the S5 - its a for sure good device! Has more features than my S3 ever did and runs super smooth and fast too! I despise Chrome so downloaded Dolphin and use that as default browser now. Oh- and then i have the infamous duplicate contacts issue too which is driving me nuts trying to figure that one out!

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At least the iTunes music got moved over which a few years ago was virtually impossible with ANY Android remember?? Jul 17, PM.

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Apr 8, AM in response to eklausmeyer In response to eklausmeyer. The Android File Transfer app looks a little creepy. How can I be sure it's legit and not going to contaminate my Mac? Net Framework 3. Note 1. Live Chat support with a Samsung product expert.

How to install Kies on Mac OS X 10.8

If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Need some help locating your model number? Select your product from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is. Samsung Kies connects your mobile phone to your PC, making it easier for you to synchronize data between devices and find new apps. Download for Windows. Please check your mobile phone model before downloading.

Download Smart Switch for your Mac computer. More of changes you expected, Get a brand-new Kies! Keep your mobile up to date. Introducing Kies for your Mac computer. Kies support for your Mac is also available to help you manage your data transfers.