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This DVD burning application lets you choose a DVD menu from built-in menu list for easier navigation, by clicking the "Menu" tab at the top of screen, and full control over the menu you choose such as change font type and size, add additional custom audio track and photo, etc. From "Preview" next "Menu" button, you will immediately see the effects you are setting. If you are satisfied with the effect of menu of your choice, insert your blank DVD into the DVD drive connected to your Mac and hit the "Burn" button at the top of program window.

A windows with several options opens up, from there you will configure your desired output settings. In Burn Settings, choose "Burn to Disc". All that is left to do at this point is click the "Burn" to commence the burning process of downloaded movie file to DVD in Mac. Depending on the speed of your computer and the amount of video content being burning, the time this process will take will vary. That's all there is to it. Now just wait for your DVD to finish burning.

That's how you burn downloaded movie to DVD on a Mac. Download Now! Lion - Windows 10 Windows 8. The download was fairly quick, but the installation required careful attention to avoid downloading additional, nonadvertised programs set to be downloaded by default. These included a toolbar and sound-mixing program sponsored by the same company.

These additional programs were free, but also could be upgraded for a price. This, combined with the extensive license agreement, would be a problem for beginning computer users.

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Once installed, the interface appeared dated, but the necessary controls were prominent and easy to recognize. You can use the program to create and burn a new disc, copy an existing disc, or burn DVDs and even Blu-rays.

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Overall, almost any level of computer user could operate the program, despite the lack of formal instructions. The program advertises faster burning speed, though this was not readily apparent compared with programs like iTunes during testing. While the program performs its functions well and burns discs quickly, only those who heavily use burning software will benefit enough from the promised faster speed to justify Express Burn for Mac's price. It crashed on the first DVD I tried to burn! It may be my last DVD! If it can't burn a simple DVD then it is trash! Error message said Error burning disc.

Really, so what do I do to fix that problem, huh? Beautiful but useless. Worth what I paid for it - Nothing! Updated on Apr 9, Read reply 1. Hello, Sorry to hear you had a crash issue with Express Burn. I know that can be really frustrating when burning your first disc. To me, this is a great product.

It does everything I need it to, it's lightweight, and overall it gets the job done. The free version is excellent and if you buy the pro version you won't ever need another product again. Not the best software, but i guess not the worst. Selected the option to burn a "audio file" CD, the one that allows CDR to be played on home stereo CD player, or in your car stereo unit.

Software was unable to accomplish this task. I received multiple error messages. This has been a horrible experience and if your looking to burn audio cdr's as aforementioned, I suggest you steer clear, and buy a Burn Software from a different company. Honestly, i don't know if there doing this.

Sorry to hear you are not satisfied with Express Burn.

Although we do offer paid support, we also offer standard support. First I've noticed that Burner is easy for installation and use. I also like the way it's burning the CDs. I agree about that annoying purchase proposal. That's not ok. You can't save a file list.

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Express Burn seems to be a bit crash prone when dealing with very large folders. There are some annoying limitations. In some circumstances you can end up having to click OK and No a very large number of times. Usually does what it says on the tin, but the burn folder built in to the MAC is often a much better solution to backup needs. Sorry to hear you had these issues. Did you try reaching out to our support team? I have downloaded the software. After the install it keeps on asking me to buy it.

I thought it is free. They misrepresent them self and bait me into downloading it. That is bad. I will never buy from them. If it is labeled free, it means free.

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Sorry to hear that you had some issues. The free version should continue to be free so not sure what happened on your end. Could you please contact our support team so that we can fix it for you? Appears unstable. I could not stop it Mac OS X In contrast, Burn 1.

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Then I pressed the "Cancel" button, repeatedly, but it would not stop. I eventually had to Force Quit it. On the FIRST attempt to use Express Burn, I inadvertently selected "music disk", got an error message about something not available in the free edition I had to Force Quit that, after which I tried again described above. Really sorry that you had some issues.