Add ram to mac mini 2009

And if you do decide to upgrade on your own, watching a YouTube walkthrough is highly recommended. Seriously, do read this, please. If your Mac is still under warranty, and you open it up for any reason on your own, you will void the warranty! Once a single screw has been removed, Apple will not touch the device. Proceed with caution or consider hiring a trained repairman to do the upgrade work for you. Consider the cost to performance return rate and whether or not you can take the risk of messing up an install.

I would not attempt a repair or upgrade on a mission critical machine if you have not done such an upgrade in the past.

In conclusion, if you need a powerful machine on the cheap, look to an older model Mac Mini or Mac Pro, as they are easily upgraded. Unfortunately, the RAM is soldered in place from the factory. To be able to upgrade both RAM and a hard drive but still have portability, you may wish to look towards a Macbook Pro. If you just wish to upgrade the drive only, look towards a Macbook Pro. Upgrading an older Mac is only a viable option if, once again, the device is not mission critical and if you are okay with not having the most up-to-date software, hardware, and or support from Apple in the coming years.

Memory for Mac mini – MEGAMAC

Many used Macs can run the current operating system. I bought a white plastic MacBook off eBay which can run all the operating systems except the current one. It should be able to run current software for years to come. Late - Mid Mini Models. Mac Mini G4 Models 1.

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Installation & Repair Services

Thank you! Be sure to check the information for your specific Mac mini model, below, for the correct type of RAM to use.

Apple Mac mini Hard Drive Upgrade (Early 2009)

Like the RAM upgrade, the hard drive upgrade is best suited to individuals who have a bit of computer DIY experience under their belts. Whether you're experienced or just adventurous, this is something you probably don't want to do more than once, so install the largest hard drive you can afford when you perform this upgrade. The exceptions were the models with the Mac mini 1,1 identifier.


The Core Duo processors use a bit architecture instead of the bit architecture seen in the Core 2 Duo models. Share Pin Email.

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Other World Computing collection of toolkits and accessories. The first thing you need is your Mac mini's model number. Here's how to find it:. From the Apple menu , select About This Mac.