Western digital internal hard drive for mac pro

However, it offers a level of flexibility normally not afforded by Apple computers. Our favorite application, though, is WD Drive Utilities. With Drive Utilities, you can run diagnostics, set a drive sleep timer and format the drive. The included utilities more than justify the modest price. Comparing the My Book to the T5 in terms of speed is a joke.

However, compared to other spinning hard drives, the My Book is impressive. Everything about the drive is built for a permanent setting, with features like RAID configurations available and capacities of up to 10TB.

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You can learn more about it in our Western Digital My Book review. It comes with a 2. All Seagate drives, including the normal Seagate Portable, make it easy to get up and running read our Seagate Portable review. In your browser, you can register the drive, download Seagate Toolkit — which allows you to mirror another drive, backup your computer and more — and purchase recovery services. Additionally, you have the opportunity to redeem any offers included with your drive.

Quick fixes of WD hard drive not recognized on Mac error

In our case, we got two months of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography on the house. We love the web-based setup. Seagate handles all the dirty work for you.

Upgrade Your SSD

Outside of the seamless setup, there are two high points for the Seagate Backup Plus Portable. The first is the build quality. It has a sleek brushed-metal top, while the back is covered in a matte finish that prevents slipping.

7 Best External Hard Drive for Mac in

The other high point is the Seagate Toolkit, which is available for all Seagate hard drives. Given the price, a Backup Plus Portable is a great tool to have in a backup setup, where you use it with online backup service s like Backblaze read our Backblaze review. Unfortunately, there are some cons, too. That said, Seagate offers an awful lot of capacity for little money, which in itself makes it worthy of a look. You can learn more in our Seagate Backup Plus Portable review. The Backup Plus Portable and My Book struggle when it comes to speed, but they offer a lot of storage at a low price.

It comes at a high price, even more so than the Samsung T5, but the performance is worth it.

Western digital hard drive problems and data recovery

The setup is fluid, if a bit strange. When we plugged in our unit, it only registered as having 4GB of space. Loaded onto the drive were a few installers along with instructions. In creative environments where external drives can be transferred to multiple machines with different operating systems, this feature is crucial.

Click "Partition" in the confirmation window. The drive will then format. When formatting is complete, the progress bar disappears. Connect your Western Digital hard drive to your Windows computer. If you see an AutoPlay window, close it, but note the drive letter associated with the newly attached drive. You can also find this drive letter by holding the "Windows" key, pressing "E" to launch Windows Explorer and looking for the drive in the list of storage devices.

Type "y" to confirm formatting. Formatting may take several minutes, but the Command Prompt window will display a confirmation with formatting is complete.

Skip to main content. Capacity Internal 3. If you're looking for an internal hard drive, here are a few products to look at.

How to fix WD hard drive not recognized on Mac without losing data?

We haven't tested and rated these products, but they should give you an idea of what's available. Seagate Barracuda XT For people who need mass storage, this 3. Western Digital Scorpio Black For notebook owners, this 2. Rather than stash it or trash it, you can easily and inexpensively convert it into an external hard drive. All you need is an enclosure. Look for one with a cooling fan especially for larger capacity drives or a heat dissipating design for better drive longevity. Installing a drive into an enclosure varies case by case.