Mac ruby woo vs russian red


I tried the trick with Russian Red lipstick, and I was quite surprised to see that it looked almost like Ruby Woo. The powder minimises the deeper undertone and gives it a bit brighter look.

For those who love rich matte Red lipsticks, I suggest you guys try both the shades out! Come follow me around on social media! And feel free to reblog and share my social media with your friends! Your support means so much!

MAC Lipstick in Russian Red and Ruby Woo | Iconic Beauty Products | POPSUGAR Beauty Photo 66

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Home Contact Privacy Policy About. Here, two of the favorite g orgeous deep red lipstick: Russian Red and Ruby Woo. Both are mattes Ruby Woo is a retro-matte and part of Mac' s permanent line. Both has a classy finish and looks great on almost all complexions.

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Both are extremely pigmented with zero sheen and stays longe r , which I really like. These two has pretty much the same color or shade, I cannot even tell which is which when applied. The only difference that I see is that Ruby Woo is more dry compared to Russian Red, it doesn't glides o n the lips.

And becau se it can be more drying, y ou really need to moisturize your lips first before applying it. Make up experts believe that the fuller your lips, the redder the lipstick you can carry.

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The red lipstick perfectly compliments fuller lips. When it comes to red lipsticks, your skin tone will be the biggest factor in deciding which looks best on you. Russian Red will suit cool tone ladies best, while Ruby Woo will look great on a variety of skin tones because it is more neutral.

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You could also use Brick if you wanted a little contrast. No matter which lipstick you choose, it is necessary to wear a lip balm or primer underneath.

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I will be posting a review soon! These are gorgeous shades, but I think too daring for me!

I have been absolutely addicted to red lipsticks over the past few months. I recently reviewed it and found it to be amazing! Enjoy your lippie reviews!!! Love these!