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Third, I was concerned that the software was out-of-date: despite being the latest release, the manual specified using iSync, which was removed from OS X as of OS X If only a minor difference was found, I updated the entry in Contacts. If more typing was required or if there was no matching entry in Contacts, I used the Blackberry Address Book feature to e-mail the contact as an attachment.

This created a vCard attachment which I was able to detach from the e-mail on my Mac.

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Ostensibly, I should be able to drag-and-drop that vCard onto Contacts to import new contacts or merge the data with an existing contact, but it doesn't work that way in all cases. This resulted in two problems.

First, Blackberry-generated vCards dropped on Contacts frequently returned the No cards added warning seen in the following screen shot:. This was due to notes I'd added to contacts in the Blackberry Address Book, specifically multi-line notes that contained blank lines as paragraph separators.

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An example of a Blackberry vCard exhibiting this problem is:. The only solution is to open the Blackberry vCard in TextEdit, then copy-and-paste the information into the appropriate fields in Contacts.

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Second, Contacts failed to populate some of the telephone number fields from the Blackberry vCard, specifically numbers listed exclusively in the Other field of the Blackberry Address Book. This discrepancy can only be found by comparing the contents of the Blackberry vCard with the results of importing the vCard to Contacts. This problem is again due to a difference in vCard formats.

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Once again, the solution is to open the Blackberry vCard in TextEditt, then copy-and-paste the information into the appropriate fields in Contacts. There may be other discrepancies between the vCard formats that I did not encounter. Readers taking this approach should heed the following advice: the only way to be sure that Blackberry vCards are fully imported into Contacts is to open the vCard in TextEdit and verify that the information in the vCard matches that in the new Contacts entry.

Add and remove applications , games, and much more. Update your smartphones software Keep your BlackBerry smartphone software up to date and running smoothly with automatic alerts that prompt you when updates are available.

Keep your organizer information in sync so you don't miss a thing. Switch smartphones Changing to a new BlackBerry smartphone?

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Use the device switch wizard to migrate from one BlackBerry smartphone to another. Rather, BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac just references the iTunes library stored on your hard disk and shows you your list of playlists in its own application--something Palm could no doubt have done as well, had it been willing to spend the time.

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