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If you don't see it in the list, it's not installed.

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If it is installed, selecting it from the list will bring up a dialog box: Let me know what version you have installed. If your concern is that it doesn't recognize files from your newer camera, this topic will help: Why doesn't my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera?

Here are some more support reference topics for "Elements Camera Raw. Sorry I neglected the details, in my anger I was tired of repeating them even though this is my first try in this particular forum. It's Elements 8 and yes Camera Raw does show up in the list of installed plugins. It doesn't show up in any other way, it's as if it's not plugged in.

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I'm using a PC, Windows 7. I've updated the Camera Raw plugin from version 5. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Elements 8. My camera is a Pentax K-x and I understand version 5. Thank-you for the attention, especially considering my bad attitude. I'll try to be patient with anyone kind enough to advise me.

It's not that I really want my money back, being version 8 I've obviously had the program a while and am feeling foolish for not being aware of Camera Raw, especially since I'm an SLR user who shoots RAW files. I'm convinced it's such a cool plugin that I'm anxious to get it and willing to pay for Elements 10 to do so. But I'd feel like an even bigger fool if I spend the money only to find out it wasn't necessary.

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I guess at this point if further advise doesn't solve the problem I'll just try version 10 and return it if that doesn't solve it. As far as I know everything else in Elements 8 is working, I've gotten lots of use out of it and was happy until I bought a manual for it recently and realized Camera Raw is probably the best part of it. You're correct that Camera Raw 5.

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Here's the document that I think would be most helpful. Also, you mentioned the Missing Manual. Thanks Jeffrey Tranberry for the effort. Too bad I wasn't quicker with the details, I might have saved you some time.

Everything you presented looks familiar but perhaps I need to look deeper into it. At least I'm not feeling as lost. Let me know if you get hung up on something. I just downloaded camera plugin 7. They will not open in bridge either. Now what? Also I did not remove anything before downloading this update. The answers are here — really. Capturing images in RAW file format is far more flexible than capturing jpgs. Follow the directions in Step One below. Photoshop Elements can also open RAW files, and you may have to follow the same process if you have a newer camera and an older version of Elements.

See Step Two and Three below. Follow the same steps as with Photoshop above. This is great news for Elements users. For Elements v. After hunting around I stumbled onto your site and you gave without a doubt the simplest and most accurate information regarding newer raw camera files and older Photoshop programs.

Any help? I like to respond to things in about 16 months. It's something that's called spineless. Yeah because 16 months ago PowerPC Macs were only a deprecated platform for five years instead of nearly seven. Sick burn, bro. Our industry still uses them Bro, now that i realize I'm talking to a 17 year old. See ya! Another sick burn, bet you feel like a big man picking on a 17 year old from the comfort of your unsupported and deprecated computing platform!

Been using for years. However, now learning more and more and more.

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For those who are way more trained, is this true. Any advice? Thank you. Tried several files, same results. All in PEF format. Show more. Go to reviews App requirements:. Intel 64 macOS Developer Website:.

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