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Write-N-Cite 4 Installation Troubleshooting

Verify that prerequisites are installed. The prerequisites are various software components that may or may not be on your computer. If you have some of the prerequisites, they may need only to be updated to the latest versions. It turned out that on my system Mac OS X After removing that link from the Installed Plug-ins directory I'd recommend moving it into its sibling directory Installed Plug-ins disabled , the plug-ins list in Safari loaded up immediately again, and the Flash Player started working perfectly.

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This fix is somewhat imperfect in that presumably you'd lose Java functionality in your internet applications, but I can live with that. If you can't, then I'll be glad to hear how you've continued to build on this solution. This was to overcome a bad version in.

  • Vulnerable versions of Java plugin blocked for OS X 10.5 and older.
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So needed to see if it was possible to install the newer JDK 1. So i decided to try the open java 7 build as a virgin installation, thus avoiding any reference to the apple versions of java. Turned out, this is a long-winded topic needing more than a single post.

Upgrade OS X to JDK

So will describe this ordeal in more than one post. Turns out this is not as super complex as i first thought but for the mo.


This is not the correct place to show you this set of logical soft links, but just stuck it here for the moment.