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Dubee Now let me take time just to set y'all straight Fuck what ya love its crestside out the gate And what that means It's me and my team Either cutthoat committee Or the five tre' fev' Thuggin' wit them boys on da a-v-e Bay wit it in the three c When they see me they know the thug be out Don't mug me pal I'm the type to let the slug be out You wonder how I'm all in ya town 50 cal down ain't no smile just a thizz and a frown Buttered up to the brim of my brow Grimey out the gutter wit that turf know how So much style, ain't done my thang in a while But watch me wizzle out Hard as hugh hefner when I send a bizzle out Don't test pal Go on and check me out First to keep it thug when the guns come Nation of thizzlam We blast, we bomb Squares can't come when we go this dumb Fully wit tha hundred round drum Madman crestland where we from Nation of thizzlam We blast, we bomb Squares can't come when we go this dumb Fully wit tha hundred round drum Madman crestland where we from.

Nominate as Song of the Day. Amazon: search for… Da U. Pandora: search for… The Nation Of Thizzlam. Wikipedia: search for… Da U. Spotify: search for… Da U. AllMusic: search for… Da U. We got artists from here to New York, Compton, but we gonna start at home in the Crestside. Who's gonna be first? Remember Coolio that rapped on "California Livin'" with me?

That's my first artist. He changed his name to Da Unda Dogg. Can you talk about a few of the things that are gonna be on your first album? I might come with some stuff I wrote while I was in the pen, but I'm thinkin' about just lockin' up with a Khayree DAT and just writin' all new shit. What's some of the stuff you're talkin' about?

It's just like I'm a good storyteller. I got a lot of story raps and I could take you to the hood and put you on a all night money mission, grindin' from eight o'clock at night to four o'clock in the mornin'. I got raps about that. I got raps about takin' you to a party where suckas is playa hatin' on you and you have to handle your business.

I take you in different atmospheres and then I let people know that the end result of doin' the things that I did is the penitentiary. That's cool if you choose to do it, but just remember the consequences. You gonna be in the pen or, like my homeboy The Mac, be in the casket. Since you left and now you're back and you've had a few weeks to circulate and talk to people, how do you see people's attitudes?

Willingly Lyrics by Mac Mall And Mac Dre

Since I been back I've seen nothin' but love. From people from my neighborhood to Bay Area artists, everywhere I go they greet me with open arms. Everybody thinks I'm gonna be real successful so I can't let nobody down. Do you see how times have changed a little bit? Times have changed and people have changed because when I left it was more of a bond between Bay Area artists.

Mac dre & Mac Mall They Ask For It

Now you got these people over here, you got people that moved up out of the Bay that don't mess with the people they used to mess with and that kinda tripped me out. How else have you seen the Bay Area rap scene change as far as more artists and different areas comin' up?

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Yeah, everybody rappin' now. When I left, people was just buyin' tapes. Now everybody makin' tapes. Do you see that as good? Naw, I don't see that as good because some of that stuff be bullshit and it be cloudin' up the industry. If somebody go to a record store and they got a hundred tapes up there and you might overlook somethin' that's good because you might see somethin' that has a good album cover on it and think that's the bomb and you really lookin' over the bomb. I think people who don't know how to rap should try somethin' else.


And if you friends with somebody that's tryin' to rap and they don't know how to rap, tell 'em man, "You don't know how to rap! Give it up! Yeah, they threw me a little surprise party. Warren G came up, Dru Down, the Luniz. It was cool. Did you know them before? They came just to show.

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They remember me from back in the day. I'm gettin' at you to return some of that Bay love you've showed a young playa caught up in the Feds. I'm sorry it took so long to respond but I was tryin' to return to the town unannounced and I didn't want to spoil thangz. Ya know?

But after receiving your constant correspondance and newsletters I recognized your realness. I'm glad to see another real mutha-fucka represent that Bay thang wholeheartidly!! Me and my folks from the Romper Room Crew are representin' to the fullest, lettin' fools in this Federal system know that the Bay Area ain't no joke!! I'm up here lacin' these fools with that shit that you've been missin'. That uncut, super sucka free Romper Room game that only Mac Dre can serve! You think mutha-fuckas is out there poppin' now, huh, wait till they get a load of me!!

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I'm nothin' correctable and ain't to be fucked with and you can best believe I'm comin' home to reclaim my throne folks and you can print that! I'm about to sign with Well, let's just say the mutha-fucka with the biggest bank!! I gots to come home to somethin' extremely phat so I can clown those smirks who did the wrong thang durin' my bid. I'm finna make niggaz bow the fuck down and give a real mutha-fucka his proper respect!! I gots to take this rap shit to a whole 'nother page. But peep this folks, I just wanted to get at you and show you some recognition.

And to you Doxx, I say it's on like a vacation in Rome when I come home!! Till next time, big Bay love from Mac mutha-fuckin' Dre. Romper Room Crew Fa Life!! So what's the next theme? I buy a lot of cars; I do a lot of driving.

So when I'm driving, things just pop into my head. And as fast as the game is going right now, you got to jump on your ideas immediately, and that's what I do.