Entrar bios mac powerbook g4

Do not open Finder windows when launching Finder.

In Finder opt-click close box or cmd-opt-w Close all open finder windows except popup windows cmd-shift-opt-w Close all open finder windows including popup windows cmd-right arrow Open folder in list view cmd-opt-right arrow Recursively open folder and nested folders in list view cmd-left arrow Close folder in list view cmd-opt-left arrow Recursively close folder and nested folders in list view cmd-up arrow Open parent folder. On Mac OS X, when nothing is selected and no windows are open, open User directory cmd-opt-up arrow Open parent folder, closing current folder cmd-opt-shift-up arrow Make desktop the active window, select parent volume cmd-down arrow Open selected item.

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  2. Entering bios setup powerbook g4 - Apple PowerBook G4 12 in (M9691LLA) Mac Notebook.
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On Macs with three floppy drives Mac SE they eject the third floppy disk. If the device can be dismounted, it is.


NEW TO Mac: how do i access the BIOS? - Apple Community

If not, nothing happens. In other dialogs Key Action esc Cancel command-.

Where’s my Mac BIOS? (How to get into OpenFirmware Easily)

On keyboards with a function key Key Combination Effect fn-backspace forward delete fn-left arrow home fn-right arrow end fn-up arrow page up fn-down arrow page down Back to Contents. Control Strip opt-drag control strip Move control strip opt-drag CS module within strip reorders CS modules opt-drag CS module to trash uninstalls a module opt-drag CS module elsewhere whatever dragging the module file itself would Back to Contents.


Buy me goodies! Bypass startup drive and boot from external or CD. OS X, Also disables non-essential kernel extensions safe boot mode. Mac OS X Do not launch startup items.

Open parent folder. Open selected item. On Mac OS X, when nothing is selected and no windows are open, open the desktop folder.

how to remove password mac, powerbook G4, macbook, G5... (factory reset) without disk (EASY STEPS)

Bring up debugger if debugger installed. Eject internal or external floppy. Although your MacBook may seem at first glance to be a single mechanism, the machine is actually composed of a number of devices that work in congress with the operating system.

In addition to your USB hub, keyboard and mouse, your MacBook contains a bus, battery, fan and the root device that acts as the central conduit through which the other devices are controlled. Short for random access memory, RAM performs all the legwork for your computer, allowing you to quickly start and stop applications through your operating system.

The Open Firmware interface allows you to view information regarding your CPU as well run diagnostic testing on the microprocessor.

Entering bios setup powerbook g4 - Apple PowerBook G4 12 in (M9691LLA) Mac Notebook

Once the command is submitted, Open Firmware displays the kind of microprocessor your computer is outfitted with, its clock frequency and its bus frequency. Also a front-end web developer, he specializes in server-side content management systems, web-based business solutions and graphic design. Skip to main content.