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Just under it and works fine now. With 32 bit systems Java, you can't really increase the amount of ram you allocate. Ashzification , Nov 16, The thing is first time I downloaded the pack it worked fine a bit laggy but playable.

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Then I changed the memory allocated to counter the lagg and since then I can't play black screen on log in. Change the max memory setting back to 1gb if you have increased it over 1gb. Meldiron , Nov 17, If you have 32 bit java you can't have more than 1 gb. Ashzification , Nov 17, So on with my problem, this log is from 5 minutes ago when I last tried to log in, http: I have my Ram set at MB.

Please help and thank you in advance!! Have you tried backing up your world and then deleting the folder ScottWears , Nov 21, I started with a fresh download, I deleted my old minecraft folder, don't mind starting fresh. I just would like to start Yes please delete the whole folder and make a new one. Kk so after deleting and downloading the launcher again, set Ram to MB and press launch I get a black screen still.

Here is the log http: When you copied over your install, you copied over the Windows-native files in this folder. As a result, the game fails to run.

You can fix this by replacing the contents of that folder with the correct files from a valid 1. I'm not entirely certain how you can do that, but the files from a 1.

SOS Mac mini 2014 black screen after latest sierra update

Archive your modded install somewhere else, install MC 1. Wipe the rest and put your modded install back in place, remove its Windows-based natives folder, and drop in your new one. See if it runs. If using a 1. I've used it for downgrading to 1. Close it out, then run Minecraft Nostalgia, choosing 1.

Mac User - Black screen after I click "Login"

According to Mojang:. So don't worry about the update, just go ahead and let the launcher redownload. It's even possible your bug was fixed in 1. I had the same problem and it took me a long time to fix it. Nothing anyone said did the trick but I did some extra stuff and it worked.

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I made a tutorial on it! What I have done over all the times that i had this problem is go and delete your minecraft folder then reinstall the game again. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Yuuki Yuuki Again, I've never had to do this, but it should work. According to Mojang: Mods should work too: Yamikuronue Yamikuronue 3, 4 36 Yawus You should put that in your question, as it's sort of important to any solution that gets provided. SevenSidedDie Um what? The OP said they were using mods. They did not specify a specific modloader, as each one works differently and has different update cycles. Some people don't even use modloaders at all. I don't see how "numerous mods" was supposed to automatically mean "Forge modloader". Yami Also fbueckert is often pedantic and picky, and pointing out where he's being too picky to the point of being unwelcoming is worthwhile to show the asker that they're not unwelcome.