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One of them should fix Sierra issue with a failing startup. Most probably, the reason for this macOS Sierra problem lies in Wi-Fi preferences that need to be updated. To do that, you just have to remove the ones you have now. Now, type in this directory:. Apple is a part of Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth Special Interest Group , they oversee development standards for the bluetooth technology and keep up with them at all times.

Solution: downgrade back to El Capitan or upgrade hardware. Apple attempts to get rid of the gradually outdating plug-ins like Flash, Java, Silverlight, and QuickTime.

You can either tell Safari to do it once, all the time, or cancel and never return to the site that still uses Flash. The reason is clear: the app is not Sierra-compatible. Finally, look for an alternative app to help you out. In case you decide to give up on the app in question, make sure to uninstall it the right way, not just trash it. Use app uninstaller for the job. Although there have been reports of reduced battery life after users have upgraded to macOS Sierra, the problem is rarely directly connected to the new system. It might be an ages-old battery in an old Mac, an overload of apps that run by default in the background, insufficient RAM, hard drive caving in under the pressure of files and folders.

Basically, anything but Sierra itself. This has been an issue on multiple iTunes versions, but mostly on iTunes The reasons may vary, but there are a couple of things you can do. To upgrade to the next version, simply open the App Store and find iTunes in the Updates tab.

Why You Should Wait Before Installing Apple macOS Catalina | Time

To roll back, use your Time Machine backup or download it from the Apple website. This is a known problem reported as far back as The case is usually Adobe Photoshop not opening on macOS Keep in mind though that you need to recall your license key before you proceed or you might have troubles activating it again. If you have decided to reinstall the system itself, we recommend this article on how to run a clean install of macOS Sierra. You still need to have Adobe Photoshop license on you to use the app after.

At this point your Mac starts relying on virtual memory, which is much slower. You can free up RAM with a memory script.

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There is a memory freeing tool in CleanMyMac X. Memory and hard drive are not the same. They think they need to upgrade hardware RAM when what they really need is a software cleanup. This is not much of a deal, but could provide a minor speedup for the system. Here you can reduce desktop motions and transparency.

How to get updates for earlier macOS versions

Also, reduce brightness with your keyboard F1. Sierra has a cool feature of storing your old and unused files in the iCloud storage. In the window that opens, click on Store in Cloud and Optimize. It takes a ton of energy to load each file and its icon when you have a hundred icons on your desktop. Clean it up, group files in folders, your system will load faster and run faster. Another way to try and fix your slow macOS would be to run the built-in disk permission repair tool. System Management Controller needs resetting only when nothing else works.

The main reasons to commit reset would be hardware misbehaving keyboard, lights, fans or unusually slow performance, as Apple put it. It is also the usual advice for all the battery-related problems: sleep, wake, charging, etc.

macOS 10.13 High Sierra problems: how to fix them

How slow is unusually slow remains up to you to decide. Before you proceed to SMC reset, make sure to quit all the apps, even force quit the ones that are not responding Command-Option-Escape. Shut it down. Plug the power cord in. Press Shift-Control-Option the ones on the left of your keyboard and power button simultaneously. Now just turn on your Mac as usual.

1. Disable FileVault

Shut it down and unplug it. Wait 5 seconds and then plug it back in. Wait another 5 seconds. If you are experiencing a frozen Mac when updating the system, here are a few ways to save your data, attack the problem, and solve the issue. As always, before performing a system update of any kind, make sure you have all of your sensitive data backed up. Chances are your data will remain intact. Just make backing up your data a priority in the future.

Now, onto solving the problem. The Apple logo should appear on your screen with a loading bar, and after that you should boot into Safe Mode. From here, run the macOS update as you normally would to install the update — hopefully without a hitch.

Update Office from the Mac App Store

A very quick and easy thing to do that could save you a lot of hassle with stuck updates or other malfunctioning Apple services is to go to the official Systems Status page. As painful as it sounds, you may just want to let the Mac sit for a couple of hours and see if it is indeed frozen. Sometimes, the update could be stuck in a lull but not completely frozen. Some update processes will take much longer than others, resulting in a seemingly stuck progress bar.

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  • Some users have reported their update taking upwards of ten hours. Grab a coffee, do some other work, run some errands, do whatever you need to do to burn some time and let your Mac do its thing. Big system updates sometimes take a whole lot of time! If you are positive that the install is indeed frozen, you will want to take the following steps, and the following steps consecutively after this step, until the issue is resolved.

    Instead of trying to fix the existing hiccup, we would be effectively starting over with the update. Hopefully these steps were able to get you back on track.

    MacOS Mojave Installation Stuck/Frozen/Failed: Solved on MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini

    If not, you are advised to contact Apple Support for a further look. As stated, these hiccups rarely do happen, but when they do it is nice to know that macOS includes features capable of working them out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Waiting to see if will work. Option 1 worked! Put it in Safe Mode.

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