How to access internet explorer on mac

Are you using Mac and want to perform test on Internet Explorer?

Making use of the VMware server virtualization , you can run the Windows operating system on your Mac device, thus helping you test your website on IE easily. A hypervisor is installed on the physical server. This lets multiple virtual machines VMs to run on the same physical server. Each VM is capable of supporting and running its own operating system OS.

Thus, using the software you can run Windows on Mac which means you can test your website on Internet Explorer. The last and the most laborious option is to install Windows on your Mac and run Internet Explorer! It helps the Mac users in properly installing Microsoft Windows on a Mac device.

How to install Internet Explorer on a Mac?

Once you are done with performing all the steps of installation , simply restart your Mac device to switch between macOS and Windows. A point to be noted here is that - not all of the Mac devices support Windows. You first need to check and ensure that your device is one of the following as only these support the feature:. These are some of the most popular methods to test your website on Internet Explorer even if you have a Mac device. Being a developer or a software tester, you need simultaneous access to a lot of tools and platforms. Although you need to code it all at your own, you can save a lot of time during the testing phase by speeding up the testing cycles.

Automate the process to a large extent. Live interactive browser testing, automated screenshot testing, responsive layout testing, and smart visual UI testing are some of the key features of LambdaTest that will save a lot of your crucial time and help you test your websites effectively! Over a million developers have joined DZone. Let's be friends:. DZone 's Guide to.

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These tools and techniques will let you test your website on Internet Explorer even if you have a Mac. Free Resource.

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Like 5. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Join For Free. Cross-Browser Testing Tools To make your life easier, a lot of online cross-browser testing tools are available.

How to install internet explorer in macbook

Launch Safari on your Mac device. Click on Safari in the menu bar at the top of your Mac screen.

While most of the web is free to access through any browser you'd like, there are occasionally websites particularly older ones that need you to use browsers like Internet Explorer, or worse yet, would like you to be on a Windows PC. Or maybe you'd like to see how your site or web app presents itself in Safari on iPhone or iPad, or Chrome on Windows.

Luckily, Safari on Mac has the answer for you. Safari allows you to masquerade as the user of other browsers and Windows through a tool in its Develop menu: changing the user agent.

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Changing the user agent tells websites that you're using a browser other than the version of Safari that you're using on your Mac. It can event tell a website that you're running Windows. Keep in mind that, though Safari will appear to be another browser, it won't actually be that browser.

How to test your website with Internet Explorer on a Mac

Any web app or site that requires, say, Chrome's Blink rendering engine which Safari doesn't have won't work properly, even if Safari's user agent is changed to Google Chrome. Close the Preferences window. The user agent choices will be grayed out and unselectable if you don't.

Click on the user agent of the browser you need. Get your Mac a better keyboard by picking up this mechanical option from Das Keyboard. But on Mac, your options for rendering IE supported websites are fairly limited. And even though the company allows third party developers to use it, their implementations are legally restricted within the Windows ecosystem only.

How to View Internet Explorer Sites on a Mac

Even apps like CrossOver or Wine , which allows you to run some Windows applications on Mac, do not officially support Internet Explorer. Note: Microsoft used to maintain a version of Internet Explorer for Mac. There are still a few alternative ways to run Internet Explorer on Mac. But one thing is certain — in order to use Internet Explorer, you need access to a Windows system. You could access the Windows environment either locally on your Mac by virtualization or dual-booting , or remotely using Cloud Browsing solutions.

Note: If a particular website serves a different version for Internet Explorer, you can access the IE version of the site on Safari simply by changing its user agent. This trick might even be useful for getting around some of the IE-restricted sites. But if a website implements a technology that is only supported on Internet Explorer, changing the user agent might not be worthwhile. If your Mac has enough free resources, you may consider running a Windows OS on Mac via virtualization.

If you have enough free space available on your Mac, but running low on other resources, such as memory RAM or processing power, virtualization might not be an optimal solution.